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My Story

I worked for Chateau St Jean, Sonoma, CA from 2004-2007, and took some enology classes at Napa Valley College in hopes I would figure out what being in the wine industry would mean for me.

In 2007, I decided to pursue a winemaking career.  I heard about a custom crush facility in San Francisco called Crushpad.  I attended their open house and while talking to the head winemaker as to what I wanted to do. I was soon hired on as their Lab Manager.  During my time with Crushpad I launched Passaggio Wines with fifty cases of Unoaked Chardonnay.

Crushpad moved to Napa in 2010, and I was promoted to winemaker responsible for their white wine program. In 2011, Crushpad moved to Sonoma.  2011, I left Crushpad to dedicate myself to building the Passaggio brand. In August 2014, I opened the Passaggio Wines tasting room in beautiful downtown Sonoma.

July 2016, I opened my own wine production facility located at 22020 Carneros Vineyard Way Suite 2, Sonoma CA 95476. 

As we all know, COVID-19 hit in March of 2020. Shelter-in-place orders, businesses closed, and we had to come up with different ways to sell wine. Zoom became a huge way to virtually talk to our customers and wine delivery right to the customers doorstep became a reality. In July of 2020, I decided I may need to pivot the Passaggio Wines brand and I started on a new path to doing just that.

I was given the opportunity to move Passaggio Wines to Treasure Island, San Francisco, if I could make it happen. In August I was able to get out of my lease at the winery and the same in December for the tasting room. I moved everything to Treasure Island to start this next chapter. Actually, I think I'll call it Season Two, or maybe, Passaggio 2.0
I love bringing people together. There's something magical when you get together with friends and family and share a glass of wine. 

This has been an awesome journey to say the least...I can't wait to see what happens next... 

Next season begins now! 


Cheers to my friends and family!!