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Cindy Cosco
March 19, 2016 | Wine Making and More | Cindy Cosco

7 Habits of Highly Effective Winemakers

These are some of my thoughts on the Habits of Highly Effective Winemakers – I would love to hear some of yours!!

1) Keep a notebook – write it down: these days, when you say notebook, you could be talking about a couple of things.  A notebook to me is the one with paper in it.  A notebook to someone quite younger may be a Mac Pro or even your Iphone. Either one is great for keeping notes.  You may think you’ll remember something, but in my experience, I always forgot what I wanted so much to remember.

2) Taste, Taste, Taste – yeah, I know it’s a great job…but someone has to do it…LOL  Tasting the juice all the way from fermentation through aging is a must. (no pun intended)  So don’t be surprised when the winemaker comes to your house and asks for a beer…

3) Stay up on new research, new technology, and new equipment – Things change every day.  Modern technology is changing very quickly and we need to keep up with it.  We should never be afraid to try new things.

4) Never be afraid to ask – we don't know it all. 

5) Source great fruit – in all starts in the vineyard. 

6) Stay focused – enough said about that ;-)

7) Have fun – I have always said that if the winemaker is not happy, they will not produce good wine…






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