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Cindy Cosco
February 8, 2018 | Cindy Cosco

A Fork in the Road








According to Wikipedia "a fork in the road" is a metaphor, based on a literal expression, for a deciding moment in life or history when a major choice of options is required.

I was traveling to a friends house for a Superbowl party a few years back and had to use my Navigator.  Before I left the house I typed in the address and found the map directions to be quite far but it didn't look too difficult.  As I was driving, one of the instructions was to "take a right at the fork."  I started laughing, visualizing an actual fork sticking up out of the road.  The Navigator was telling me which way to turn and at that moment I realized it was much like my chosen career...the path I have chosen.  The directions were laid out for me and the destination was already known.  All I had to do was follow the instructions.  The plan was already in place. 

We often know exactly where we want to go, or what we want to do with our lives, but have no idea how to get there.  Writing it down and making a plan is often our first step.  Each twist and turn or stretch of road makes its way into our plan.  Then the distance is set with how long it may take us to get to each "fork in the road" and then to our final destination.

There have been several "fork in the road" moments in my life.  Was there a plan?  Sometimes yes and sometimes no.  At those times when I had no plan I found myself camping out a bit before traveling on.  (even in the literal sense, trust me, I don't do camping well... :) )
To get to where you want to be - get your directions first...don't try to wing it - you just might get lost. Keep your focus and follow your will find your way.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just type our goals into a Life Navigator and get the directions...?




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Cindy Cosco
January 16, 2018 | Cindy Cosco

Exciting New Wines


Good morning! It's that time of the year when I start getting wines ready to bottle. I actually like this particular time. Tasting, blending, tasting, blending...not to mention all the things I have to get ready for the packaging. Labels, glass, corks, capsules...did I mention tasting? It's very rewarding to see the wines come together in a way that you hadn't imagined. They come into their own. They become what they were meant to be. (with a little help from the winemaker)

I want to tell you about a wine I am really excited about this year.  It's the 2017 Passaggio Verdejo. I sourced this fruit from my good friends, Heringer Estates. Heringer Estates is located in Clarksburg, just south of Sacramento. The vineyards are surrounded by the cooling waterways of the Sacramento River Delta. There are warm summer days and cool breezy evenings.

Verdejo is a Spanish varietal. It originated in North Africa but found it's way to Spain in the 11th Century. This grape produces an intense aromatic fruit forward white wine. Passaggio Verdejo is 100% Verdejo made in all stainless steel with no malo-lactic fermentation to keep the wine fresh and lively. IF you are a Sauvignon Blanc lover, you will enjoy this wine as well. Beautiful layers of lemon and citrus along with a slight mineral note are followed by green apple, grapefruit, and a crisp acidity. Pair this with seafood dishes, spicy dishes or by itself on the patio with friends.



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Cindy Cosco
January 6, 2018 | Cindy Cosco

The Epiphany


This is the time of year when some people celebrate the Festival of Epiphany.  When the Kings (or Wise men) saw the star they rejoiced.  Those wise men had been following that star for quite some time.  They were passionate about finding the new born king.  They didn’t cease their quest until they found what they longed for…that’s true passion.  It was a time for new beginnings.

I absolutely love this time of the year.  New beginnings.  New horizons.  Old things have passed away.

For me, walking through the vineyards this time of the year actually brings a soothing calm to my soul.  Walking the narrow rows of the resting vines during the early morning hours can be quite peaceful.  The sun is not yet opening its eyes as I quietly stroll through the rows of pruned vines.  The dew is still on the ground and the fog is merging with the sweet smells around me.  The rows fade and disappear into the fog.  The vines are quiet and still, standing at attention as if their commander and chief had just walked by for inspection.  All I can hear is the sound of my own breathing.  I embrace the opportunity to reflect on the previous year as I gently walk through the vineyard and make my plans for the coming new year.

I yield to the vines.  What struggles they go through…their souls cut back to bare minimum.  They are starting over. New beginnings are about to emerge.  The vines will soon bud again and new fruit will spring forth.

Much like our own lives, we need new beginnings.  We need a new start.  We seek a new path to find our way home. Take a walk through the rows of your life and see the new horizons ahead of you…look closely through the fog…it’s there.  It will emerge.  New fruit will soon spring forth.  What are you passionate about?  What new beginnings do you see ahead of you…follow it – Do Not Be Afraid….Take a Step…

Follow Your Passion


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Cindy Cosco
October 13, 2017 | Cindy Cosco

Sonoma/Napa Fire Update


Dear Friends,

First of all, thank you for your concerns and prayers. Many have reached out to let me know that we have been in their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Now that I have had a moment to just breathe and contemplate on what has happened in my community, I thought I would give you an update on Team Passaggio.

I have seen some devasting sites. Heard some devastaing stories from nearby neighbors. This is no doubt, a horiffic tragedy that has struck our communities. It started Sunday evening as I slept. I had no idea what was going on until I woke on Monday morning. I let Phoebe (my Airedale) out about 5;30am to a familiar smell of heavy smoke. I knew right away something was wrong. I turned on the TV. There it was. Devastation. Shock. Disbelief.  What was going on? I started getting texts from friends making sure I was ok. I started texting my team to see if they were ok. Thankfully, everyone was fine. Our neighbors to the north were going through hell. The fires began to spread. How could this be? The fires were now everywhere. Napa. Sonoma. Santa Rosa. I hurried to get ready to head to the winery to check on the wines. The winery was fine. I hurried through brix and temps as I tried to keep up with what was going on. I couldn't concentrate. I was trying to find my happy place and I couldn't. I checked the tasting room on my way back home. All was well for now.

Parts of the town of Sonoma were evacutaed on Wednesday night. It was on my mind all night. My friends, their homes, their businesses, my business...the winery. I was able to check the winery on Thursday and all was well. Frank checked the tasting room. It will need some cleaning, but all is well. We are very fortunate.

It's amazing how people rally together in times of despair. People were opening up their homes to others who had lost everything. Some were rallying together to fix food for fire fighters and first responders. Others were putting together things to donate. A freind of mine in Sonoma took it upon herself to put out updates on Twitter and Facebook for those who needed to know what was happening. I am also very thankful to Cal Fire, surrounding areas first responders, and those who came in from other states and areas to assist in this tragedy. 

It's now Thursday. Feels like it's been forever since Monday. I know that Hope and Grace abound in this community and that we will rally together to do whatever it takes to rebuild it. I have seen the hashtag going around #SonomaStrong. It's the truth. Believe it. 

It's not over yet. The fires are still burning. People are still evacutated and being evacutated from their homes as I write this email. People are hurting. They have been displaced, or have lost everything. They are dealing with smoke inhalations. Road closures. Lost loved ones. Please continue to keep this area in your thoughts and prayers. 

We will keep the Passaggio Tasting Room closed untl it's safe for all. We look forward to the day we can re-open and share a glass of wine with you. 

For those who are our neighbors, and you have been affected by these fires, and need help, please reach out to us. Or if you know of someone affected and they need help, let us know. We will do whatever we can. 

If you want to give to those who have been affected by these horriffic wild fires, there's a link at the bottom of the page that will direct you to several places to donate. 

With Gratitude,




Click here to help fire victims

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Cindy Cosco
June 17, 2017 | Cindy Cosco

Now Pouring

It's not every day that you get someone in the tasting room who makes an awesome video and posts in on social media. I love it when people do that! I think this boomerang video says it all about Passaggio Wines. It's something we do on a daily basis. It's our lifestyle. It's our passion. This is Us. There is a built in romance surround wine...and we want to share it with you. Join us in the tasting room for a glass. 



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Cindy Cosco
May 4, 2017 | Cindy Cosco

Wines With Passion

Well...I believe the purpose of wine is far more interesting than we think. There are several reasons the Passaggio Wines are created. First and foremost Passaggio Wines are created for you to enjoy. When you open a bottle of wine you are opening a whole life time of the vines' passion. The terroir where the vine has its deep roots. The aromas and flavors that are connected to that vine. From your first sniff and taste, you can begin to feel the passion put forth from the winemaker and the grapes as they meld together in your glass.

Secondly, Passaggio Wines are made to pair with food. There is nothing better than sitting down to eat a great meal and having an awesome glass of wine that accents the food before you.

Last but not least...Passaggio Wines are made to share with friends and family. There is something to be said about giving a great bottle of wine to someone. It tells them you are one who likes to share. It shows you are someone who takes the time to pick out a nice bottle of wine to please them.

So the next time you purchase a bottle of wine think about its purpose and the passion that brought it from the vine to your table. Enjoy the display of passion when that bottle is poured for your friends and family.




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Cindy Cosco
April 16, 2017 | Cindy Cosco

Five Ways to Show the Power of Passion

There are many articles on the web about following your passion. Follow Your Passion, Don't Follow Your Passion, Why Follow Your Passion is Bad Advice, Are you Living Your Passion, The Career Tip to Following Your Passion, etc, etc...

I believe in the power of following your passion. We all have different ideas of what that actually means. Some believe that you cannot follow your passion and make a living. But is that what it's really all about? If you are pursuing your passion just to chase the almighty dollar - you may not succeed. I truly believe there is more to it than that.

I often meet people in the tasting room and am able to pour wines they have never heard of or never tasted. I am able to share with other people who have various passions. I have heard some awesome "follow your passion" stories, and am able to share my story as well. I see the strength in passion.






If you are having difficulty in believing in the power of passion, and you feel it is not working for you, consider these Five Ways to Show The Power of Passion:

1) Share your successes or failures - it brings about a sense of community
2) Show others that you really care - listen to them with not only your ears but your eyes and your heart
3) Use your passion to give back - help those around you who may need inspiration or encouragement
4) Spread good news - it's contagious
5) Connect with others - bridge gaps and distances between people

Passion is a driving force. Following your passion is not about the money. It's about finding life's path that is caring, sharing, connecting, loving, and fulfilling. It's inside each of us.

Follow Your Passion

Cynthia Cosco

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Cindy Cosco
December 30, 2016 | Cindy Cosco

This is Your Year

"Since we move in time through a sequence of spaces, we experience a space in relation to where we’ve been to where we anticipate going" ~Ching

I love this time of the year. New beginnings.  New horizons.   Old things have passed away.

Walking through the vineyards this time of the year actually brings a soothing to my soul.  Walking the narrow rows of young living vines during the early morning hours can be quite peaceful.  The sun not opening it's eyes yet as I quietly stroll through the rows of pruned vines.  The dew still on the ground and the fog merging with the sweet smells around me.  The rows tend to disappear into the fog.  The vines are quiet and still, standing at attention as if their commander in chief had just walked by for inspection.  All I can hear is the sound of my own breathing.  I start to sing.  Music soothes my soul.

I begin to think about the vines.  What struggles have they gone through...their souls cut back to bare minimum. They are starting over.  New beginnings are about to emerge.  What is in store for them this year?  The vines will soon bud again and new fruit will spring forth.

Much like our own lives, we need new beginnings.  We need a new start.  Take a walk through the rows of your life and see the new horizons ahead of you...look closely through the's there.  It will emerge.  New fruit will soon spring forth...start singing.  Be encouraged...



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Cindy Cosco
November 25, 2016 | Cindy Cosco

I am Thankful

"I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends,
the old and new."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's the day after Thanksgiving and all is well. I have been reflecting back on this past year and thinking how thankful I am. Thankful...what exactly does that mean? Being thankful doesn't have to be something we feel, it can also be something we do. We should never run out of things we are thankful or grateful for.

Each day this week, I posted photos of "thankful for us" on Facebook.  I am surrounded by loving friends and family. "I am Thankful." 

I hope this Thanksgiving as you sat around the table with family and friends, you talked about what you were thankful for to each other.

What am I thankful for? There are not enough days to share it all. One thing I do know...I am thankful for you.



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